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eyescape creates new art form...
releases first "ambient video"

What is "ambient video?" A unique blend of constantly shifting shapes, vivid colors, andpatterns of incredible detail, all choreographed to transcendent music--a new art form that suspends the senses and frees the mind to dance. Experience eyescape's first release, "an excursion in ambient video" for the definitive answer.

You may be surprised to learn that mathematics, specifically Fractal Geometry is the basis for the images that make up "an excursion in ambient video." Known as "the geometry of nature," fractals evoke natural forms--clouds, waves, lightening, and more come to mind. The "ambient video" experience is just as relaxing as gazing at clouds, or watching the surf crash on the seashore.

The eyescape experience, however is not just technology. Each image by co-producer Fred Kepler is an animated work of art. The abstract styles range from pop-art psychadelia to soothing impressionistic swirls.

The music reflects this range as well. "an excursion in ambient video" featuresthree 20-minute journeys, each with a different musical texture. "Fragments" by John O'Kennedy, features ethnic and western instruments in a "new-age" arrangement. Martin Simpson's solo guitar on "Fractal Modal" combines the sounds of Indian sitar and Celtic harp. "Chrysalis," composed and performed by co-producer Ron Becker forms a sweeping orchestral fugue.

In 1992, eyescape participated in a benefit for LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions). With a bank of computers, a 20-foot video wall and ten overhead projectors, they hypnotized a crowd of 5,000 with their images. In 1993, eyescape was invited by Arthur C. Clarke to show its limited-edition prints at the Minehead Space Age Exhibition. Two of the works now hang in the author's collection.

In addition to a sequel video, "ambient II," Becker and Kepler are working on notecards, calendars, posters, and clothing based on their designs.

"an excursion in ambient video" is now available at, or order directly from eyescape.

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