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an excursion in ambient video

"Thoroughly Enjoyed It!"
                                      - Arthur C. Clarke, Best-selling Author & Futurist

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What is "ambient video?"

Waves, lightning, peacock feathers, dolphins, champagne bubbles, falling leaves, the big bang...our fans have seen all this and more in the abstract imagery in an excursion in ambient video. There's no telling what you'll discover as you explore this amazing new art form. We took this visual dance and choreographed it to three suites of music for the spirit--soothing, uplifting, transcendent.

Throughout an excursion in ambient video, waves of color slowly flow around and through natural, organic shapes, in synchrony with music. The music itself ranges from solo guitar to sweeping electronic orchestration. The result is a gentle massage for the eyes and ears--a sensual experience that releases tension and frees the mind to soar.

An excursion in ambient video has something for everyone. Artists and creative thinkers appreciate the new thoughts and ideas it stimulates. Science and technology buffs enjoy the "sci-fi" feeling of the shapes--high-tech, yet organic. New-age seekers find serenity in the gentle flow of shapes and colors--an "open-eye meditation." And kids can make a game of naming the different images--in fact, it's a good game for the child in each of us.

So put it on in the background, and let it draw you in. Or watch closely, and experience the free flow of feeling and thought it inspires. However you look at it, an excursion in ambient video will lift your spirits, elevate your attitude, and brighten your overall outlook on life.

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