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Life has become far too chaotic--

faster, crazier, and more confused than ever.

At eyescape, we'd like to offer a peaceful alternative--
a bit of beauty amid chaos (read on: don't click yet).

It seems that when life gets too overwhelming,
we often react with anger, violence, or we shut down entirely.
Isn't it odd, then that the most serene, awe-inspiring sights in nature
are also the most chaotic?

When we watch clouds roll gently by,
waves break against rugged cliffs, or lightening shatter the night sky,
our day-to-day concerns seem to fade away, at least for a while.
These and other dynamic natural phenomena are far more complex than any system our society creates.
Why then, our paradoxical reactions to chaos?

We've combined the very technology that often confounds us
(in the form of banks of computers)
with the patterns of nature (a new branch of mathematics called fractal geometry--
"the geometry of nature").
This fusion has resulted in "
ambient video",
a new art form for the coming millenium.


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